FLOWSOLV® V5.1 Product Comparison

Below is a comparison of the six FLOWSOLV® V5.1 Packages. SOLV has provided packages for use with sole oil or gas applications, as well as our combined packages. All our packages contain utilities and tools, in addition to the oil or gas methods. Click on the blue links below to find more information on individual calculations.

Calculation Sections:

PS0162A-501000 PS0162A-501020 PS0162A-501040 PS0162A-501100 PS0162A-501120 PS0162A-501140
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Gas Meters Orifice - AGA3 1992
GasMetersOrifice - ISO51671980
GasMetersOrifice - ISO51671991
GasMetersOrifice - ISO51671997
Gas Meters Orifice - ISO5167 2003
GasMetersVenturi - ISO51671980
GasMetersVenturi - ISO51671991
GasMetersVenturi - ISO51671997
Gas Meters Venturi - ISO5167 2003
Gas Instrument Densitometer - Solartron 7810/7811/7812  
GasInstrumentRD Analyser Appendix A - Solartron 3096
Gas Instrument RD Analyser Appendix A - Solartron 3098
Gas Instrument RD Analyser Calibration Check - Solartiorn 3096/3098  
GasPropertiesDensity, Compressibility - AGA81985
Gas Properties Density, Compressibility - AGA8 1994
Gas Properties Speed of Sound - AGA10 2003
GasPropertiesDensity, Compressibility, Calorific Value - ISO69761983
Gas Properties Density, Compressibility, Calorific Value - ISO6976 1995
Gas Properties Density, Compressibility, Heating Value - GPA2172/GPA2145 1996/2003
Gas Properties Density, Volume, Mass, PTZ - ISO6976:All & GPA2172/GP2145 All
Gas Properties Murdock Wet Gas Correlation  
Gas Properties Gas Sample Lag Time  
Gas Uncertainty Orifice/Venturi Uncertainty - ISO5167 2003
Liquid Meters Composite Oil Calculation API2540 MPMS Ch. 11.1 1980
Liquid Meters Orifice AGA3 1992
LiquidMetersOrifice ISO51671980
LiquidMetersOrifice ISO51671991
LiquidMetersOrifice ISO51671997
Liquid Meters Orifice ISO5167 2003
LiquidMetersVenturi ISO51671980
LiquidMetersVenturi ISO51671991
LiquidMetersVenturi ISO51671997
Liquid Meters Venturi ISO5167 2003
Liquid Instrument Densitometer (Solartron 783X/784X/1762)  
Liquid Properties Base Sediment & Water  
Liquid Properties Density, Volume - Base to Observed - API2540 1980
Liquid Properties Density, Volume - Observed to Base - API2540 1980
Liquid Properties Isokinetic Flow  
Utilities Local Gravity  
Utilities Orifice Plate Deflection & Uncertainty BS1042 Pt. 1 Sec 1.5 1987
Utilities PRT Check & Uncertainty BS EN1904 1984
Utilities PRT Check & Uncertainty BS EN60751 1996
Tools Units API2564 1980
Tools Units BS350 1974
Tools Units IEEE10 2002
Tools Units ISO31 1992