Free Calculations

Local Gravity

Finds the value of Local Gravity based on the latitude and altitude at any point on the Earth’s surface.

Density, Compressibility AGA8:1994

Finds the density, compressibility, super compressibility and method uncertainty of a gas composition using the detail characterisation method.

Speed of Sound AGA10:2003

This report outlines a method for the calculation of the speed of sound in natural gas and the individual components that make up natural gas. It calculates the entropy, enthalpy and C* coefficient for the sonic nozzles. This information is based on research that was developed and managed by the Gas Technology Institute (formerly the Gas Research Institute).

Orifice Calculation ISO5167:1991; Part 1

Finds liquid flow rate, orifice diameter and differential pressure in accordance with this standard. The volume flow rate at line conditions and standard conditions are found along with the net standard volume, the mass flow rate and water flow rate.