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FLOWSOLV® V5.1 Methods are developed to conform to recognised international standards used in Fiscal and Custody Transfer Flow Measurement. This traceability ensures that FLOWSOLV® is suitable for audit checks.


Enter your own document name and reference numbers for easy identification


Every calculation window has a built-in checksum and unique serial number to ensure data integrity.


Unit conversions rigorously traceable to International Standards.


SI (International System of Units) or CU (Customary Units, Imperial).

Automatic unit conversion from original to selected units, using rigorously traceable standards.

Wide choice of available units.


Hovering over outputs reveals the full double-precision resolution.

Right-click context menus allows for easy formatting of values for normal decimal or scientific and increase of decrease the number of decimal points.


FLOWSOLV® V5.1 methods check all input and outputs against compliance with standards, any non-compliances are identified.


SOLV provides a wide range of services to provide quick and reliable assistance for FLOWSOLV® V5.1.

SOLV provides online help and 12 month telephone support for new orders as well as continual ongoing support contracts.


Choose meter locations and calculation methods consistent with standards

Some examples of flexible options available in FLOWSOLV® V5.1 methods.


Keep track of calculations and projects with FLOWSOLV® Explorer

View multiple calculation screens in cascade format.

View multiple calculation screens all on one screen in tiled format.


Proven track record of innovative and precise, traceable solutions for flow measurement and fluid properties. Suitable for design and sizing of meters and audit verification of flow computers and metering systems.

Support for Windows® XP

As you may be aware, Microsoft stopped supporting its XP operating system some years ago. This has lead to a range of issues for software developers like SOLV®, notably in the area of security.

We have now reached the point where supporting Windows XP negatively impacts the development of FLOWSOLV® and its user experience. We are therefore no longer able to support new FLOWSOLV® licence installations for Windows XP operating systems.

If you are running FLOWSOLV® on Windows XP we will still assist with reregistration and reinstallation as a result from a change of PC. However, we will not be able to offer any further installation assistance.

We do not recommend installing a new copy of FLOWSOLV® v5.1 or higher on a Windows XP system